You know when you pay lots of money for vendor software training but your team can't really relate that back to your specific deployment? 

We solve that problem by providing a variety of training options:  standardized or a fully customized education & training program for your specific instance.

Our goal at the end of the training: knowledge, awareness & and the ability for your team can jump right in and be productive.   

Plus with a variety of support options we won't leave you stranded after - we'll be available to answer the usual follow up questions that always arise.  All at a cost that can typically save you 25% of your training budget.

We know the solutions inside and out and have a proven track record in providing training for platform administrators, teams and end users.

Let us know your education gap and we can outline some options.

 SuMO is the ONLY Canadian-owned ServiceNow Partner to be certified by ServiceNow to deliver formal ServiceNow Training.  

SuMO is the ONLY Canadian-owned ServiceNow Partner to be certified by ServiceNow to deliver formal ServiceNow Training.  

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Course Length:  3 days
Time:  9 am - 5 pm (Eastern)
Who:  This course is designed for new ServiceNow System Administrators approx. 0‑3 months into a new deployment.


ServiceNow Fundamentals (previously Platform Administration) Training
This course is designed for system administrators who are new to the ServiceNow ecosystem. During this 3‑day interactive training course attendees will implement various system administration functions in their own instance, learning to perform fundamental administration and configuration tasks. Specifically, attendees will learn to:

  • Perform core configuration tasks
  • Work with User Interface (UI) policies, data policies, UI actions, business rules and client scripts
  • Add users, groups and roles
  • Manage data with tables, the configuration management database (CMDB), import sets and update sets
  • Work with two key process applications: Knowledge Base and ServiceNow Service Catalog
  • Create workflow activities and approvals 
  • Configure alerts and notifications
  • View upgrade history and status
  • Control system access and data security
  • Create baseline performance metrics
  • Run reports, configure service level agreements (SLAs) and perform instance branding and customization
  • Integrate social IT elements and learn best practices

Attendees participate in real world, relevant lab exercises. The class features lecture and group discussions, as well as extensive hands‑on practice, delivered in a wide variety of labs, tech talks and an interactive discussion of a comprehensive, real‑world example.  Successful candidates will be ready to take the “ServiceNow System Administrator” exam and earn their certification!

ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Training
Project Management is the application of methods, tools, and techniques to achieve new capabilities, meet demands, respond to changes, and realize new opportunities. In this 2-day course, attendees are introduced to the ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management suite (PPS) and learn how to efficiently manage the project lifecycle. 

A combination of lecture content and lab work helps attendees achieve the following: 

  • Get introduced to the suite of PPS tools and understand the specific role each application plays in Project Portfolio Management 
  • Understand the solution architecture and deployment options with respect to the organizational structure and goals
  • Master the project management toolbox including Workbench, Templates, Scheduling Engine, Import and Export, Status Reports
  • Learn the secrets of efficiently working with the Planning Console and My Gantt
  • Dive into advanced project scheduling and learn to track risks, issues, goals, milestones, and baselines
  • Become proficient with Portfolio Financial Planning and project and demand financial estimation and budget vs. actuals tracking
  • Implement Resource management to allow for a structured request-fulfill process and accounting of project resources
  • Use the Demand application to prioritize business ideas and generate and manage strategic demands
  • Monitor Portfolio, Program, and Project health on Workbenches and via role-based dashboards
I want to thank you very much for making this project a success. I enjoyed working with you and appreciate your excellent skills and professionalism
— Texas A&M

Course Length:  2 days
Time:  9 am - 5 pm (Eastern)
Who:  This course is designed for Project, Program, and Portfolio Managers, members of the Project Management Office (PMO), project teams, project subject matter experts, and all stakeholders who will be actively interfacing with the ServiceNow Project Suite of applications (PPS). 
Pre-Requisites:  The ServiceNow Foundations eLearning course – six modules that introduce the ServiceNow platform and interface. 

This course does not offer certification.



Course Length:  3 days
Time:  9 am - 5 pm (Eastern)
Who:  Experienced ServiceNow system administrators who have at least one year of hands-on experience administering a ServiceNow instance. Experience writing both client and server-side JavaScript in ServiceNow is required. 
Pre-Requisites:  ServiceNow Platform Fundamentals (Previously:  System Administrator), Scripting in ServiceNow

This course does not offer certification.


ServiceNow Application Development Fundamentals
This hands-on course will provide training and lab work to support application development fundamentals in ServiceNow. Attendees will build an award-winning loaner equipment application by working through a checklist of considerations for application creation, including decisions such as creating an application table vs. extending an existing table, and determining how users will interact with the application. Detailed labs that reinforce good practices in these areas support the topics covered in class: 

  • Design an application table: to extend or not to extend?
  • Create and implement forms and views for a positive user experience
  • Manage application business logic with scripts
  • Consider mobile users in application design
  • Control access to the application and its records
  • Send notifications to stakeholders and collaborators
  • Use workflow to automate applications
  • Integrate to ServiceNow and to public web services
  • Use the Service Catalog to provide access to applications
  • Capture application metrics with reports and homepages
  • Use the Application Repository to install/uninstall applications

Perfect team. Put extra effort to fulfill our needs and completed the project on time.
— Wood Buffalo Housing Corp.

ServiceNow IT Service Management Fundamentals
In the IT Service Management (ITSM) Fundamentals course, students explore the lifecycle of ServiceNow ITSM applications, from a Persona viewpoint - the perspective of the stakeholders and people who use the applications every day to do their jobs.

Course focuses on the baseline capabilities and the touch points between these ITSM applications: 

  • IT Service Management Overview
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Change Management
  • Request Fulfillment and Service Catalog
  • Configuration Management  

These objectives are achieved through a combination of demos, lecture, and group discussions. Lab exercises woven throughout the class walk you through building your own Service Portal from scratch. At the end of this course, students will have the resources, knowledge, and experience necessary to: 

  • Create, and work records, through each of the covered ITSM application lifecycles
  • Demonstrate each application lifecycle, from a Persona viewpoint
  • Articulate the value and the baseline features of each of the covered ITSM applications
  • Start thinking about the key decisions to be made during the implementation of these ServiceNow ITSM applications
  • These objectives are achieved through a combination of Instructor-led discussions, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises using students’ personal instances.


Course Length:  2 days
Time:  9 am - 5 pm (Eastern)
Who:  This course is suitable for anyone who will be working on a ServiceNow implementation of the ITSM applications (Process Owners, Technical Consultants, Project / Program / Engagement Managers, Operations Managers.
Pre-Requisites:  recommended ServiceNow Platform Fundamentals (Previously:  System Administrator)

This course does not offer certification.


ITIL Simulations (PoleStar IT Service Management)
Simulations are an effective form of experiential learning. They involve putting people into a realistic simulated environment to allow them to experience complex situations or best practices, while creating breakthrough understanding of benefits and consequences.

Normally delivered over a number of ‘rounds’, the PoleStar simulation uses gaming dynamics to mirror the real world interaction between IT and the business, from both a strategic and operational perspective. The iterative nature of the ‘rounds’ is based around the experiential learning cycle theories of David Kolb. In addition, the experience continues between rounds through defined service transition phases requiring the participants’ engagement in planning for strategic and operational continuous service improvements. 

THE BENEFITS of this Simulation include:

  • Creates rapid familiarization with IT Service & Operations Management / ITIL terminologies, tools and processes.
  • Breaks down silos, energizing and motivating staff towards successful change.
  • Provides realization of the contribution that enterprise IT makes to business success.
  • Creates commitment to IT Service & Operations Management related improvement programs.
  • Provides a fast and cost effective alternative to traditional training.

Course Length:  1/2 day
Time:  Morning or afternoon sessions (onsite only)
Who:  This course is designed for ~ 15 - 20 team members and is a highly participative face-to-face experiential learning workshop designed to drive change and create breakthrough understanding of the benefits of IT Service & Operations tools and best practices.

Bringing to life the behavioural and business issues faced by IT organizations today.  This simulation event offers an unparalleled level of interactivity to participants while creating a fun, and highly memorable, shared experience for all.

Not only did everyone have a great time, but it really helped bridge the gap between many of our teams understanding of ITIL and real-world implications to their roles and others in the company.
— Samuel & Son

 With deep expertise across 13 client verticals, SuMO has the experience needed to ensure your Platform Administrators and end-users are ready to support your instance of ServiceNow. 

With deep expertise across 13 client verticals, SuMO has the experience needed to ensure your Platform Administrators and end-users are ready to support your instance of ServiceNow. 

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