The IT department gets the brunt of the employee on-boarding challenge.  But it's not because IT doesn't want to do a good job, the challenge is the dozens of tasks that IT needs to complete when only getting a few days notice that a new employee is joining the company which puts them in reactive mode.

SuMO's HR & IT On-boarding solutions address this challenge by providing transparency into the entire process that leverages the best of ServiceNow -and makes it better.  Rather than the "send and hope" model (where you send a bunch of emails and hope people read and action on them), our solution manages all tasks through ServiceNow's workflow so you know exactly what needs to be done, by whom and when and get immediate notification when things get out of sync.

Additional efficiency can be achieved through automation of repeatable tasks like AD and email account creation. So rather than dealing with 100% of tasks manually, your team can deal with the exceptions - freeing up time for more valuable tasks.  And isn't that what it's all about?

SuMO assisted us from start to finish and ensuring we met our timelines.
— Mackenzie Health

When IT and other departments are focussed on seemingly endless tasks, HR's goal is a positive on-boarding experience for new employees.  Finally, you can have both groups working towards the same objective with clear transparency into the overall process.

Rather than overwhelm new employees on day 1 with dozens of tasks, why not let employees review and complete tasks on their schedule through a self-service portal.  This frees up valuable HR time to focus on higher value support requests while providing the HR on-boarding team transparency into the entire process so they can focus on key tasks that need attention.

In addition to extensive HR experience, SuMO has an assortment of options to address the user experience from custom skins that display back-end ServiceNow data to solutions that deliver on "mobile first" initiatives. This delivers both transparency and self-sufficiency while providing a better - and more thorough - user experience.  

SuMO has an assortment of options to address the user experience from custom skins that display back-end ServiceNow data to solutions that leverage the trend to  "mobile first" experiences.. 

It's not just on-boarding that's a challenge, but transparency into the off-boarding process too.  There are security & audit compliance considerations in additional to basic off-boarding tasks like re-claiming phones, laptops and other assets.

Plus you can add an off-boarding attestation process that provides 2nd level confirmation that off-boarding tasks have been completed.

And wraps everything up into a comprehensive report that you can easily give your auditors - and put a smile on both your faces.

SuMO HR & IT On-boarding solutions also include these great features and benefits:

CFOs understand the real cost of on-boarding & off-boarding comes from inefficiencies, risks and unknowns.  SuMO's HR On-boarding solutions provides you with a view into all requests and task assignments delivering you the holy grail of transparency and efficiency.

Transparency also provides an alignment of tasks to the department and business managers.  Everyone knows what needs to happen, when and by whom so there is a clear view of what everyone is working on.  

Instead of performing all tasks manually, why not start laying in efficiencies where possible by leveraging automation for basic, repeatable tasks - like creating (or disabling) AD and email accounts.  Any conflicts ("we have how many Bob Smith's...?!?") can easily be escalated and addressed manually but think of how many of your team's valuable hours you can reclaim by automating many of your basic & repeatable tasks. 

Forgot how to perform that specific task you did once last year?  SuMO's HR & IT On-boarding solutions leverages ServiceNow platform features like the knowledge base so your HR managers and agents have direct access into instructions and knowledge articles to help them find all the support materials they need while ensuring they are using the most recent versions.

Configure vs. Customize.    Because the solution is built on ServiceNow's industry leading workflow engine, it's easy to configure and add new functionality or notifications as needed without worrying about future upgrades.

SuMO HR & IT On-boarding solutions leverages the analytics capabilities of the ServiceNow platform which includes plenty of start-up reports that can easily be tailored for your specific needs.  Plus they can be scheduled to be uploaded or distributed to the right people at the right time so everyone has the most updated data in time for the meeting.