There's a lot on your road-map and your challenged by the usual:   Lack of experienced people, limited budget and an aggressive timeline.  That's where we come in.

Service Management is all about aligning IT to the business, improving the quality of IT services while lower costs of those services.  But you already know this.

Operationally, it's about understanding what requests are coming in, from where, by whom and then understanding where things are in the process.  A sound Service Management strategy gives you the insight and transparency into your organization so you can how your teams are performing now, and over time.

As we mature - we recognized the same principals that work in IT apply across the whole company and Enterprise Service Management was born.  

Whether implementing, upgrading, integrating or reporting, we take pride in being your most experienced and value-based option around. 

Here are just a few ways we can help with your IT or Enterprise Service Management roadmap...

SuMO is the FIRST and ONLY Canadian owned ServiceNow Partner to earn the coveted Silver Services Partner designation (and there is No Gold!).  Read the PR.

SuMO is the FIRST and ONLY Canadian owned ServiceNow Partner to earn the coveted Silver Services Partner designation (and there is No Gold!).  Read the PR.


Since 1996 we have delivered hundreds of successful IT Service & Asset Management projects for companies of all sizes around the globe.  What sets us apart?  Deep technical experience coupled with a relentless focus on you - our client - and your priorities.  We take a "we're in it together" approach and celebrate only when we cross the finish line. Together.

Our deployment methodology is based on vendor best practices and more importantly, our experience.  What this means to you is your project will be deployed to your expectation - within budget.  Guaranteed.

SuMO can help provide best practices on how to:

  • Modernize Service Management - ITSM is groovy baby but let's get out of the past.  It's time to Modernize Service Management by freeing your teams from legacy constraints on the path to driving business growth.
  • Accelerate incident resolution with automation and prioritization for a frictionless business
  • Improve change management processes with better controls and visibility
  • Optimize reporting for setting goals, aligning priorities, demonstrating results
  • Deploy your CMDB
  • Drive employee engagement and a great user experience through awesome self-service portals

And if you need to get started and show value quickly, we have a number of packaged QuickStart Solutions that may fit the bill.

Operational efficiencies all start with WHAT we are doing and HOW we are doing it.  

You run your business today. But are there areas of opportunity for efficiencies?  And do you have the technology in place to automate?  and do you know where to look when things go wrong?

But we recognize it isn't that easy.  Service Management is tied to Asset Management - and it's related components like managing contracts, vendors, software packaging, CMDB, discovery - and layering in operations management complexities.  Especially when putting it all under an umbrella of Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) while dealing with organizational change management.  It's exhausting!  We get it.

SuMO & our Process & Advisory Services teams work with 5 of the top North American Banks & top Telcos - we understand it's complex & mission critical and helps support business growth. And if the banks trust us with their level of complexity & regulatory compliance, imagine how we can help you.  

With enterprise level Service & Asset solutions, it seems you are in a perpetual state of upgrade planning and execution.  But the ongoing rate of resource turnover and budget cuts means you don't have the team to perform the upgrade internally - adding risk that you and the steering committee aren't comfortable with.

We have performed hundreds of upgrades and our experience can help you avoid the pitfalls while accelerating your upgrade timeline.  

And with Fixed Price upgrade options, you can be rest easy knowing that your system will be upgraded to the new version, taking advantage of new functionality with your team ready and trained from day 1 - all at a cost that will save you from 25-40% off the cost of doing it yourself.  Guaranteed.

Tell us about your upcoming upgrade and and we can discuss some options. 

With deep expertise across 13 client verticals, SuMO has the experience needed to ensure your deployment / upgrade / enhancements / support go off without a hitch.

With deep expertise across 13 client verticals, SuMO has the experience needed to ensure your deployment / upgrade / enhancements / support go off without a hitch.


The SuMO HelpNOW Solution provides a physical 1-click interface to enable Incident & Request Management to drive efficiencies and service improvements across the entire enterprise.  The frictionless support model is here!

You may know that Amazon’s Dash button is a great way to order a pizza or a refill of Tide.  But now you can apply the same 1-click convenience to creating an incident or request.  By combining the market leading Dash button & your existing Amazon Web Services (AWS) account & ServiceNow, SuMO brings push button support experience to the Enterprise. 

Think of the opportunities. These are just a few:

Boardroom Priority A/V Support - Boardrooms are a support nightmare as you are combining a lot of technology with the least technical people. With the HELPnow solution, a single click creates a request for A/V support - repopulated with location, time and priority level.

Printer Support - Whether you’re out of toner, paper or it just won’t work for some reason.  Putting a HELPnow Dash button on your printer provides an easy way to actually get an incident logged with just 1-click.

We're out of - Putting a HELPnow Dash button on anything consumable is a great way to ensure you never run out.   Re-order vending, office or printing supplies with push button convenience.

Everbridge is pretty amazing. It integrate directly with your service desk, to extend its notification functionality.

When a ticket is created, Everbridge delivers that information to the right person based on their role, responsibility, schedule and location.  Notifications are delivered to any device; it’s all up to the user to define how they want to be contacted. Not only that, but they're delivered in the format they want – phone call, email, SMS text, etc.

We even take it one step further. Not only are they delivered the message, but if they’re on the go they can access ServiceNow / HP Service Manager / Remedy from their smartphone or tablet device and acknowledge, update, and annotate the ticket all without being in front of their console.  Sounds like magic, right?

Contact us to see how Everbridge can extend the investment you’ve already made in your helpdesk solution. 

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