Westbury created SMI ("Service Management Intelligence") because they are 100% focussed on business intelligence solutions for Service and Asset Management platforms.  They started in 1999 exclusively addressing the challenges of Service Management reporting for HP Openview Service Desk and now their latest version  "SMI 12" provides "drag and drop" reporting & dashboard solutions for HP Service Manager / HP Asset Manager & BMC Remedy.

As Westbury's largest professional services and implementation partner, we have successfully completed dozens of deployments for our clients ensuring they are self-sufficient post production.  We can personally attest to the value of the Westbury SMI solution with an almost immediate ROI given it deploys in days giving you over 50 meaningful start-up reports out-of-the-box.

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SMI enables us to do fast and easy reporting on IT Service Management KPIs without having to analyze the HP data model ourselves.
— Audi


The solution for self-service reporting for HP Service Manager and BMC Remedy allows you to focus on understanding ITSM performance, rather than understanding all the technical stuff that goes on in the background - specifically the back-end data structure.

With Westbury, you can create powerful reports through an easy, drag-and-drop interface. You don't need any DBA skills or knowledge of what is going on behind the scenes.  

You get Self-service reporting that delivers individual reports much faster, and also makes report generation part of your daily operations routine, giving you insight when you need it.

And because the solution allows you to re-use reporting objects, you can quickly apply filters, fields and even styling to reports - even those created by novice users.


Westbury and SuMO provides a cost effective operational reporting solution for HP Service Manager and BMC Remedy. Offering faster turnaround times than specialist-centric alternatives, it puts reporting power directly in the hands of business users or application administrators. And because this off-the-shelf solution is designed specifically for HP and BMC help desk technologies, it is vendor certified and integrates with HP and BMC best practices, ensuring ongoing compatibility with HP & BMC software.

The solution combines both the software and the services needed for a quick and efficient turnkey implementation - typically within weeks, not months.  So you get big ROI.  Right from the start.


Right out of the box... 


You get more than 50 start-up reports covering ITIL best practice processes as well as each of the ITIL v3, COBIT and ISO best practice defined KPIs.  And because these start-up reports work with your production data, you are delivering value within days.


We call these start-up reports because they are all 100% customizable.  So you can copy and edit them and are a great jumping off point to deliver meaningful reports to the business and process owners.  Add a logo, change colors, drag in data from another data source - it's all possible with a few mouse clicks without needing a report developer or understanding the back-end data structure.


Each deployment includes the basic Westbury software implementation and data mapping that ensures that all the required HP Service Manager or BMC Remedy fields are properly mapped to the Westbury SMI database as well ensure that any newly mapped fields are properly labelled in the Business Objects universes.  We perform an initial load to ensure that all 50+ start-up reports are working and showing your production data.


Covers all ITSM processes, and offers cross-process reporting out-of-the-box, eliminating the need to write complex queries for providing insight into the relationships between processes.


SMI Suite integrates seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint and Java portals and Business Objects Live Office functionality means you can embed and refresh reports inside Microsoft Office documents.


We provide hands-on end-user and administrator training so your team will be ready to use the latest version of Westbury SMI from Day 1.  In no time at all, your team will be able to create a report from scratch, edit and refresh a start-up or previously created report as well lean how to distribute and share reports.