ServiceNow's Platform Runtime (formerly CreateNow Development Suite) is a consolidated and comprehensive set of browser based tools to manage the entire lifecycle of an application from creation to deployment.  Now - if you can whiteboard it - we can build it.

And this isn't just about having experience with ServiceNow.  Having a 15 year background in app development gives us an advantage to create powerful business applications.   

And that's just the start.  Once deployed - either to a single department or the entire enterprise - your own internal App creators can continue to enhance and easily collaborate with each other using the Team Development feature.  

As for the Customer Sat scores, they came in at near 10’s across the board. All in all, an excellent result!
— ServiceNow

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WHY NOW..?  Here's what we see...

Organizations have significant backlogs of applications and business processes to be modernized, and can not reasonably deliver with existing internal resources. 

Messy application stacks, some of which were obtained in mergers and acquisitions, resulting in extensive maintenance and support measures.

Aging on-premises systems such as Lotus Notes were no longer meeting the requirements of business users and were costly to maintain .

If those resonate, we see clients that adopt the ServiceNow Platform for Business Application development see development accelerated by as much as 400%, while meeting the needs of business stakeholders and various lines of business while improving the efficiency of business users.

Tastes great.  Less filling.


75% of organizations received value by being able to leverage junior-level developers rather than specialized senior developers.
A 39% reduction in time to maintain and provision infrastructure with the Now Platform.

Custom applications are essential to business agility and competitiveness, but are often difficult to create with traditional tools and limited resources.

Traditionally, only the most tech-savvy developers have the knowledge and training to build custom applications with traditional tools. And with these limited resources it often takes months to create custom business applications - at a significant cost. With ServiceNow CreateNow Development Suite, we can help IT drive value.  Now.

You can be rest assured that your application is available - with a 99.8% contracted SLA - so you can spend less time monitoring your application, and more time thinking about new functionality for your next release.


SuMO's partnership with Mobile Reach extends the value of your ServiceNow apps offline.  So even when you aren't connected - you can access the apps needed to perform your job.

What's all this mean to your business?  Use your smartphone, tablet or barcode scanners to increase workforce productivity, improve CMDB accuracy, drive SLAs and cut costs. 

This provides a huge advancement in productivity and especially useful when your work takes you off the beaten path.  Facilities, remote field services or any industry where your connection is unreliable.  It's all about accuracy and efficiency.

Contact us to see how Mobile Reach can extend the investment you’ve already made in your ServiceNow applications. 

You also get a ton of additional value.  Right out of the cloud:

Time to Market
Traditional application development teams speed far too much time building, patching and fixing defects - and far less building applications that drive business value.

ServiceNow's single system of record and single solution architecture which allows us to increase the quality of applications you deploy in your enterprise.  By leveraging ServiceNow's CreateNow platform to develop your applications, you can not only manage the complete development cycle but also for ongoing rapid creation of new applications that use a forms-based workflow.

Clicks, Not Code
We help you build applications by using ServiceNow's tools which are completely browser based.  And once deployed, you can easily enhance the application in response to changing business needs.  Or build on your foundation by enabling rapid creation of new applications by everyone from professional developers to administrators.

Order it To Go
We can enable all ServiceNow CreateNow applications to be instantly available on tablets and smart phones - all without any additional custom development - so instead of re-building your apps to be mobile enabled, you can build-once and use almost immediately on any device.  Plus we can also turn on social features to build collaboration right into your application.