Managing your company’s IT hardware and software assets is a very complex and time consuming process.  

For example, your apps must meet the installation - and upgrade - requirements for your specific environment.  You have corporate standards for software usage and desktop design, multiple languages, regional issues, and software related support issues.  You have hardware everywhere tied to old finance, procurement and inventory processes.  There are also many assets spread over different teams, with multiple contractual relationships resulting in inefficiencies & costly errors. 

We feel the pain.  And more importantly, we can help.

By leveraging ServiceNow for Asset Management, SuMO can help you track the financial, contractual, and inventory details of hardware, software, and virtual infrastructure – as well as non‑IT assets – throughout their lifecycle. Asset requests are handled using workflows to obtain approvals, validate entitlements, issue chargebacks, and provision services. Once an asset is deployed, Asset Management records all maintenance activity and enables IT to perform regular audits, right up until asset retirement.

End-to-end.  With transparency and efficiency:

They’ve consistently produced high quality work, on time, at a reasonable price. We continue to achieve excellent results.
— Bank of Montreal
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Inaccurate inventory, wasted resources, compliance issues, and service delays are all every day risks for enterprises that have serious consequences if not addressed. To mitigate risk, organizations need to know the assets they have, where they are, usage entitlements, who uses them, how they are used, how they are configured, what they cost, and the value they deliver.

SuMO can help get the ball rolling with solutions for:

  • Software Asset Management
  • Hardware Asset Management
  • Contract Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Vendor Performance
  • Discovery

Delivering on individual components can deliver significant departmental benefits however once you tie it all together across the enterprise, the ROI increases dramatically.

Yes, we know CMDB isn't Asset Management however to effectively manage and improve your systems, you need to know exactly what assets are in your IT environment and have current, accurate configuration data.

With an accurate configuration management database (CMDB), it's easy to understand your organization's IT environment, particularly in the areas of service impact analysis, asset management, compliance, and configuration management.

Consolidate disparate IT management systems into a single system of record that enables you to see all of your IT assets and how they're functioning at all times.

SuMO's deployment of your ServiceNow CMDB can provide you with a single system of record for IT.  And when paired with ServiceNow Service Mapping, the CMDB becomes service aware — which enables your ServiceNow applications to be service aware as well. This will deliver full visibility of your infrastructure and services, leading to more control of your environment and better decisions.  Finally.


In addition to providing a fully tailorable and extensible software packaging workflow automation solution, SuMO also provides complete software packaging services that can help augment the capabilities of your current packaging team.  To give you that additional packaging capacity when you need it.

SuMO’s Software Packaging solution leverages the power of ServiceNow - the market leading forms based workflow technology - at its foundation to provide a complete web-based packaging request and fulfillment solution.  And if you have more packaging requests than people - we can help with resource based or per-package delivery options to help clear your backlog

Fixed price or on-demand. We’ll own the risk so you don’t have to.

Why SuMO for Software Packaging? 

Minimize Risk - time based or per-package delivery options give you the flexibility to make the most of your packaging budget.

Scalable - the ability to adjust your packaging capacity keeps you delivering as your packaging demands fluctuate.

With Windows 10 deployments driving the need to re-package all our enterprise applications, managing the underlying workflow from request of fulfilment has cut our overall deployment timeline and budgets significantly.
— Rogers Communications

B|DNA Technopedia categorizes and aligns hardware and software products to deliver consistent, accurate, and business-relevant information.

With more than 1.2 million products and 57 million data points of timely, relevant product and market intelligence about those products, B|DNA powers many IT projects within the enterprise, unifies siloed IT processes, and provides alignment with business goals.

B|DNA extracts and normalizes data from over 40 data sources and allows normalization of procurement data & deployment data.  No more double counting as B|DNA de-duplicates installation data using an "ordering version" to avoid double counting and differentiates between "Suite" and standalone installations.

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With deep expertise across 13 client verticals, SuMO has the experience needed to ensure your Asset Management solution is deployed using industry best practices.

With deep expertise across 13 client verticals, SuMO has the experience needed to ensure your Asset Management solution is deployed using industry best practices.