When customers have problems, they expect fast resolution and a simple engagement process. They prefer multiple engagement methods, from self‑service online to direct engagement with service agents over their choice of phone, email, or chat, etc. To provide the highest levels of service, your agents need real‑time metrics and real‑time collaboration mechanisms that just aren’t available through traditional tools. 

ServiceNow Customer Service Management is different.

ServiceNow gives your customers a portal that delivers an effortless self‑service experience. The solution connects people, workflow, and processes to engage across departments in case management and resolution. SuMO can help you improve efficiency with automation that gives agents visibility into the health of customer systems, and tools for performing root cause analyses to deliver preemptive service.

The result is customer service that is effortless, connected, and proactive.

As for the Customer Sat scores, they came in at near 10’s across the board. All in all, an excellent result!
— ServiceNow


Provide customers with faster and easier ways to engage with customer service while giving agents greater efficiency and speed.

Deliver customer service as a "team sport" and connect systems and workflow to enable diagnosis and resolution of underlying causes of customer issues across the organization, resulting in lower support costs, increased customer satisfaction, and strategic focus on new business, transformation, or revenue.


SuMO's Field Services for ServiceNow solution leverages out-of-box functionality with a focus on remote usability.  Simple and intuitive to use and shows a personalized view for each of your support team members.  It displays a summary view at a glance while giving them direct access to management and operational contacts, the tasks that have been signed to them, relevant company news and time tracking capability.

The solution also provides every team member with the ability to report problems as they see them, thereby leveraging the eyes of your entire team instead of waiting for clients to report issues.  

Back at the office - the solution delivers a complete set of dashboards, scorecards and analytics to define, measure and improve key performance indicators related to field services so you always know how the team is performing. And unlike custom developed solutions, ServiceNow is easy to tailor and configure on an ongoing basis so you never have to replace systems due to lack of functionality. Plus with optional off-line connectivity, you can ensure your team has access whether in the basement, remote location or anywhere the internet isn't perfect.

It's like having ServiceNow in your pocket.  (because you actually do)


SuMO Field Services leverages Google mapping technology and your team's GPS coordinates generated by various data sources (including their existing smartphones) which allows you to manage work assignments based on location, availability or capability.

And because every problem is unique and you can visualize the skills of each team member,  you know you are sending the right person each and every time.  Even ensuring they have the right parts available before they leave the depot.

SuMO Field Services also provides Geofencing capability allowing you to automate the time tracking and verification process based on when you leave the depot or arrive at the job site.  You can even use the data to spot-check timesheets for accuracy after the fact.

SuMO deploying Customer Service Management & Field Services for ServiceNow also includes these great features and benefits:


CFOs understand the real cost of support comes from inefficiencies and unknowns.  SuMO Field Services provides you with a view into all requests and task assignments delivering you the holy grail of transparency and efficiency:  where is everyone?  and what are they working on?


Transparency also delivers alignment of support and management teams given that there is now a clear view of what everyone is working on.  Plus with the ability to take pictures of completed work, that can get included into the job ticket so head office can see the details without the risk of having all the data on individuals phones. 


Not only can you schedule your teams, you can also automate scheduled maintenance tasks to ensure that everyone is following the right process:  first time, all the time. This makes performing jobs more efficient and guaranteed complete - the right way.


"I don't have that part with me" costs everyone - lost time, duplicate effort and opportunity cost.  Now you can also manage and connect your parts inventory ensuring that you always have the right amount of everything - or assign tasks based on who has the right part - BEFORE they leave for the job site.

It's not just an ability to enter timesheet information or start the clock.  The right time tracking solution should also incorporate your team's location to ensure that time is tracked properly based on company policy. So whether you bill or manage costs based on travel time or only when arriving at the job site, you now have the back-up data to validate timesheets.


Basement?  Remote location? or anywhere your connection is spotty, you can opt in to the offline capabilities of the SuMO Field Services solution to ensure that you can still perform your job.  And when you are connected again, everything syncs back to ServiceNow without skipping a beat.

SuMO Field Services leverages the analytics capabilities of the ServiceNow platform which includes plenty of start-up reports that can easily be tailored for your specific needs.  Plus they can be scheduled to be uploaded or distributed to the right people at the right time so everyone has the most updated data in time for the meeting.


We don't just drop and run.  Each deployment comes with optional remote administration services so you always have someone to call if you have questions or if you would like to tweak or add something down the line.

Configure vs. Customize.    Because the solution is built on ServiceNow, it's easy to configure and add new functionality as needed without worrying about future upgrades.


Forgot how to perform that specific task you did once last year?  SuMO Field Services brings the entire document library with you by leveraging the knowledge-base capability within ServiceNow so you can always pull up the support materials you need - while also ensuring that you are using the latest version.

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