The SuMO team has successfully delivered over 1,500 IT Service & Asset Management projects for some of North America's largest companies.  We are proud of the fact that some of the most valuable brands in the world trust us to deliver their Service & Asset Management projects and support their instances.  

Unlike some vendors who earn the bulk of their revenues from hardware, network equipment, testing or doing your taxes, Enterprise Service & Operations Management is all we do - all day, every day.  We continue to grow and be successful because of this laser like focus on the unique needs of the Enterprise Service & Operations Management market.

Time and time again you guys (SuMO) are what I hope all partners could be like.
— ServiceNow

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Sure - you can find other partners with these logos, but it's pretty rare to find all three in one spot.  It's all about capability and credibility.


  • Product Implementation Expertise: proven expertise across multiple ServiceNow solutions: Customer Service Management, Security Operations, HR, Service & Operations Management and App Development.

  • Certified Professionals (by product) - this means we know what we are talking about and ensuring that your solution maximizes the capabilities of your investment in the ServiceNow platform while having the scale necessary to taking on projects on all sizes.

  • Customer Satisfaction Ratings - having the actual real-world project experience while delivering value and a great experience to back it up. Here's a sample of what our clients are saying

  • Country and Regional Coverage - we have employees across the country and multiple offices to support our project and long-term relationship. We are never that far away.

  • Certified trainers on staff - no need to fly around the world or blow your training budget.

  • Highest revenue achievement - this ensures you get the best pricing for your ServiceNow subscriptions.

In ServiceNow’s own words: the greatest number of trained personnel, the broadest range of product capabilities and business commitments provide access to the highest level of program benefits.

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We congratulate SuMO on its recognition by The Globe and Mail that it is among the Fastest Growing Private Companies in Canada for 2019 – a testament to SuMO’s dedication to customer success.
— David Parsons, Senior VP, Global Alliances & Chanels, ServiceNow

Here's what else we bring to the table... 

The world isn't run by one technology - and neither is your IT environment. We have experience deploying into vastly heterogeneous environments and making technologies from different vendors work together.  Want ServiceNow's Service Catalog to work with your HP Service Manager deployment?  We've done that.  Logging tickets into Remedy from HP ALM triggers?  We've done that too.

You have many options when deploying new Service & Operations Management solutions but don't overlook the importance of understanding how that technology will work in your environment, integrated to your other systems, your external suppliers and tying all that back to a meaningful user experience.  We get it.


By leveraging our technology and project experience, in most cases we are able to provide our clients fixed price proposals for all deliverables based work. This allows our clients to ensure projects stay within scope and budget and shift the risk of delivery to us.

Traditional thinking has companies think they need to allocate a series of FTEs like building blocks - buying resources for set amount of time from vendors while taking on all the project risk.  However in reality, although those resources may be good at what they do, they don't have experience working together as part of a team.  And because those resources are usually hired on a contract basis, the costs per hour are typically higher plus your vendor needs to add additional project management dollars to reign in the team.

Our delivery structure leverages full-time employees with years of synergy working together so you can count on getting the most efficient team at a fair price. 


Our AVERAGE team member's experience has over 10 years experience delivering Service & Asset Management solutions.  

And most of our team have backgrounds developing applications for large enterprise clients, testing and application support.  This gives our team additional depth beyond just being Service Management subject matter experts - they understand platform development, project timelines, critical paths and application performance.  This gives them a unique understanding of different development methodologies, testing criteria and how your solution will ultimately fit into your organization.


We are set up to provide an “on demand” delivery model that allows our clients to “ramp up" qualified resources on an as-needed basis.  And as we all know, needs typically fluctuate along with every changing business priorities.

Our clients tell us that a minimum of 20% of a project's resource budget is spent with unproductive time - like waiting for UAT or accommodating new functionality discussions - which can be a big drag on the budget.  We solve that problem by offering "flex hours" where you can use purchased service hours over a longer period of time.  You can engage and disengage depending on your projects timeline.  Now you can take that 20% savings and funnel back into more important things - like additional functionality or the post deployment celebration lunch.


With resources across the country, we are usually never far away.  This means that we can typically accommodate most requests for on-site resources and while that usually increases productivity of the delivery team, it also saves travel and accommodation costs.   

And after working with you onsite, we also have the option to use one of our internal delivery labs for more tactical work should you be getting pressure to free up some internal desk space.  Onsite or remote, we'll be with you every step of the way. 


For us, signing the contract is when the work really starts and being aligned to your business outcomes is critical to ensure that all parties are all working in the same direction.  Technical success without business value isn't really success after all.

This is why our best-practices approach includes regular status meetings with the steering committee in addition the delivery team and project sponsors which helps guide the team and re-prioritize activities.