Slow mean-time-to-respond ("MTTR") can bring any organization to its knees so Everbridge now has certified integrations direct into ServiceNow, HP Service Manager and BMC Remedy.  

With the Everbridge certified integration, joint customers can seamlessly integrate the full power of Everbridge’ enterprise-grade, multi-modal communications and lower MTTR by an average of 85%.

Our clients experience a huge drop on MTTR because they no longer waste time with manual call outs and out-of-date spreadsheets – automation is your friend, we promise.

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Everbridge delivers not just high-level “alerting”, but the critical device flexibility for contacting the right teams and people during critical moments.


Everbridge is pretty amazing.  It integrates directly with your existing helpdesk system - HP, ServiceNow, Remedy - to extend its notification functionality.

When a ticket is created, Everbridge delivers that information to the right person based on their role, responsibility, schedule and location.  Notifications are delivered to any device; it’s all up to the user to define how they want to be contacted. Not only that, but they're delivered in the format they want – phone call, email, SMS text, etc.

We even take it one step further. Not only are they delivered the message, but if they’re on the go they can access the service desk from their smartphone or tablet device and acknowledge, update, and annotate the ticket all without being in front of their computer.  Sounds like magic, right?

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Right out of the cloud... 


Consolidate alerts from HP Service Manager, Remedy, ServiceNow and other applications for one centralized notification and alerting system. Avoid over-burdening staff with duplicate and erroneous messages with one system for all contacts, on-call schedules, holidays, communication preferences, escalations, etc...


Advanced scheduling and escalation capabilities harness the complexity of multiple applications, systems, scenarios (of varying severities), response teams and constantly shifting on-call schedules to assure communications are streamlined from the get go. Drastically reduced communication timelines mean drastically reduced resolution times.


Subscriptions allow for those beyond first-line response teams to remain in-the-know throughout the life of an incident. Dynamic groups can be created based on any number of changing parameters, status or skills. For day-to-day core IT activities, both subscriptions and dynamic groups allow for intelligent communications to improve operations.


Full multi-modal communications support any type of communication such as phone, email, SMS (including long SMS), mobile push, instant conference-call bridging, integration with social media- even fax and pagers. Two-way communications combined with escalations through multiple communication methods mean Everbridge doesn’t stop until you get the response you need- receipt confirmation, incident ownership, request approvals, etc... 


Full support of mobile push alerts to iOS, Android and more offers increased reliability over SMS - particularly important given the challenge of global SMS reliability. Push alerts also support more flexible message formatting, long messaging and support of attachments. 


Customize communication scenarios without needing to code. Intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows business-users to create alerts and notifications from any business or operations scenario. Messaging templates allow for complete flexibility in message formatting, type and customization.