Challenged with finding qualified resources to support your instance of ServiceNow? Is the high-cost of training and recruitment pushing costs beyond your operational budget? Are you tired of talking to unqualified resources before speaking to someone that can help?

SuMO solves these problems by providing you a series of support options delivered by certified and experienced resources managed by service level agreement.  So you can now optimize your support costs by paying only for the services you need, when you need them. 

This gives you the peace of mind knowing that you have qualified 3rd party platform & application support available when needed - while having operational support costs that are predicable and work for your budget.

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SuMO's remote Service & Asset application administration services provide our clients with access to a team of certified system administrators who deliver technical guidance and services to assist in using their Service Management application and platform features.

With various administrative support sizes available, you choose the number of hours that fits your needs, and your budget.  And because we offer options that can roll-over 50% of any unused service hours, you can stretch your budget by maximizing productive time and lowering your support costs.


Our Managed Platform solution gets the best out of your investment in ServiceNow by providing you access to some of the industries best resources. Additionally you get:

A single point of contact to Client to ensure that you are speaking to a familiar person that understands your instance

Provides access to qualified & specialized INCLUSIVE resources (administration, development, configuration & education) so regardless of your platform needs, you have access to the right team.

A built-in governance & continuous service improvement model to ensure your instance leverages best-practices while providing a solid foundation to continue to extend its value beyond IT and across the enterprise.


"New York", the latest release from ServiceNow is now available. And we can help you get there!

"New York", the latest release from ServiceNow is now available. And we can help you get there!


With enterprise level Service & Asset solutions, it seems you are in a perpetual state of upgrade planning and execution.  But the ongoing rate of resource turnover and budget cuts means you don't have the team to perform the upgrade internally - adding risk that you and the steering committee aren't comfortable with.

As an ELITE SERVICES partner of ServiceNow, we've bee working with the latest release of ServiceNow for a while now (even before many other partners get access).

We have performed hundreds of upgrades and our experience can help you avoid the pitfalls while accelerating your upgrade timeline.   In fact, we have been part of ServiceNow's internal testing team so if you want to chat about your path to the latest release, reach out and we can set a time to chat.

And with Fixed Price upgrade options, you can be rest easy knowing that your system will be upgraded to the new version, taking advantage of new functionality with your team ready and trained from day 1 - all at a cost that will save you from 25-40% off the cost of doing it yourself.  Guaranteed.

Tell us about your upcoming upgrade and and we can discuss some options. 

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SuMO puts you in direct contact with Service & Asset Management experts without going through multiple levels of support personnel.

Rather than front-end the support with generic resources that don’t understand your instance or technology, our front-end-support desk's call is answered by a a trained, certified & experienced platform developer that speaks your language and can begin the problem resolution process immediately.  And you can structure your support agreement either "on demand" or managed by a service level agreement.

Manage by Service Level Agreement
SuMO can support your instance from on-demand to 24 x 7 and anything in between.  Plus, we support it while delivering to your internal service level agreement.

Need enhancements in addition to break-fix support?  Want some back-up application administration help?  No problem - we can provide you with support solutions that are customized for your specific needs AND save you between 20 - 40% of your current budget.   

Now you can have the support you need, customized for your specific environment and finally have an optimized support budget. 


And if you aded professional service support hours into your support agreement, we give you the flexibility to use them a number of different ways:


Optimize Your Instance
Ensuring your instance of Service Manager / Remedy / ServiceNow is running optimally based on industry best practices.


Regular Maintenance
Deploying application and OS security patches on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis.  We perform daily, weekly or monthly administrative tasks such as performing back-ups and monitoring log-files, background processor activity, email activity, schedule record activity, data archiving, etc...


Use some hours to improve your instance by deploying a new module or adding new functionality and driving additional value to the business (and be the hero). This ensures that you are always keeping abreast with business demand with an ability to enhance / configure on an ongoing basis.


Education & Enablement
As a formally recognized ServiceNow AUTHORIZED TRAINING PARTNER, SuMO’s support services provide both ad-hoc education & training to your agents, fulfillers and users are capable and ready to use the platform.


Project Based
For all enhancement requests that are better suited to project delivery which includes full deployment services for things like complex upgrades (where re-development or custom fixes may be needed), new modules, complex development or similar service requests. Many of these Project Based services can be provided on a fixed effort basis.